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What is the Stream Map?

Stream Map is a project coordinated by ESHA and co-financed by the IEE Programme of the European Commission under the responsibility of the EACI. It runs from 2009 until 2012.

For the first time ever the Stream Map project gathers together detailed energy, market and policy data to a central HYDI (Hydro Data Initiative) database which is free of access to the public. Based on the collected data a Roadmap for the small hydro sector will be drafted together with recommendations for the future with a view of the 2020 targets set in the RES Directive. This is what the Stream Map aims to achieve: 

  1. The creation of a central database which will compile information on the Hydropower sector in the 27 EU Member States starting from year 2007 and which is consequently updated every year.
  2. An analysis of the current status of the sector.
  3. The instruction of recommendations for future development of the sector.
  4. To influence National Renewable Energy Action Plans on their choice of the RES mix.
  5. To offer regular advice and information at local and national level on the sector's development and needs.

Please find the Awareness Raising Document on the status of SHP in the EU-27, Stream Map leafletStream Map poster and project slides here.